I’m deeply concerned by the critical climate crisis that becomes more and more obvious for us all!
In order to make a difference in the right direction, I have decided that, from now on work hard in order to be a positive force in building a more sustainable future.
Instead of getting angry on everyones bad decisions I’m trying to inspire people around me by my own behaviour, to show that it isn’t hard to live more climate friendly.

  • First of all I speak about the issue alot, trying to raise oppinion as much as possible – with people that I meet and especially on stage playing
    with the trio.
  • I have built a custom bike trailer that fits the double bass, and I use it for most transports locally in Stockholm. In fact the trailer also works perfectly for all kinds of loads such as grocerys, children kids, building materials, furnitures etc.
  • Since a couple of years I have stopped flying permanently, both in my professional life and for private causes.
  • About 80-90% of my touring is done by train, and I think alot about the travels already in the concert planning phase, in order to make the logistic as smooth as possible.
  • I have done many changes and improvements in my equipment setup in order to make tha travels as easy as possible, such as wheels on the double bass, a lightweight softcase for the cello and a small digital mixer so that I can use monitor systems at the venues instead of bringing my own amps.
  • I also of course try to eat mainly vegetarian food aswell as buying less stuff and to repair the things that I already own.